Tuesday, October 19, 2010


DAY 30
Finally some sea days. Actually this is the first of six in a roll. This will be our record for consecutive sea days...we will see how Dick survives! We go to the King’s Room for a relaxing late breakfast about 9. There is no one there, but two couples come in just before closing. The sommelier is talking at the Coffee Chat so we both head to that. We really like Tony. He is from Canada and has a good sense of humor.
From there we go to the Culinary Arts demonstration where Executive Chef Thomas is cooking up Chicken Trinidad with orange rum sauce and fruit gratin. This has been the most enjoyable feature of the cruise. We get to taste the fruit dish.

Dick goes to the lecture and Carolyn goes to the Neptune Lounge to post some of the blog. We are not eating lunch today as we have Pinnacle Grill reservations tonight and want to be hungry so we can really enjoy the wonderful food
Carolyn meets with the future cruise planner in the Lounge thinking she will buy two future cruise credits, but Holland America does not work like Princess. If you don’t use the credits within the four years, you can’t get your money back. Since we have cruises paid for and planned for through 2012, she doesn’t think it is worth it and passes.

We go to the Pinnacle Grill tonight and have another great meal.

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