Wednesday, October 6, 2010


DAY 7 We turned the clocks back one hour last night so Dick is up earlier than usual, at least on the face of the clock. He uses his coffee card to get one of the Barista specialty coffees in the Explorations Café. Unfortunately, his Americano is not as good as the drinks produced by the machine in the Neptune Lounge. Oh, well! Live and learn. Note to Self: The coffee card and the wine package were probably not the best use of the money.

Dick spends a little, he hopes, "Cellular at Sea" money to talk to Robert about a 401(k) problem and they think they have it under control when the conversation is over. We will see what that costs.

Today Dick goes back to Trivia and Carolyn goes to the Talk on the Big Island and Maui. We meet again for lunch in the main dinning room. Things are smoother today and there is just a short line. As usual we share a table, but the other couple is not to chatty. After lunch in the main dinning room, of an India dish, Dick goes to hear the talk on Hawaii, the Old, Old Days. Carolyn works on the travel pictures for the blog and book and then goes to an Art of Origami Class.

It is formal night so we dress and go looking for some pre dinner music. We settle on the ocean Bar where there is a group playing nice dance music, then on the dinner. Our new table is fine and we expect to be happy with it.

There has bee much discussion on the Cruise Critic Board about the formal night dress. Dick brought only sports coats to wear. For what it is worth on this 31 day cruise with very well traveled older passenger list, more than half the men are in either shirts and ties, sports coats or suits. Everyone looks nice, but tuxes are definitely in the minority. Dick has the roasted lamb and Carolyn has the surf and turf which is very good. The table is very nice with a lovely view of the string quartet. After dinner we sit and listen to the string quartet now playing in the Explorers Lounge right out side to upper level of the dinning room. The Captain and his wife are in the group. Actually the Captain was seated at our first assigned table tonight. There were a number of officers in the dinning room tonight, but they were all seated at tables not occupied by passengers.

Tonight we turn the clocks back another hour to Hawaiian time. So, we should stay with this clock setting for the next week as we explore Hawaii.

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