Tuesday, January 4, 2011


DAY 31
We are up a little earlier today and make it to the King’s Room about 8:30. The staff is off their mark today. I order grits and cream of wheat! Oh well, I won’t starve, but since there are four staff that work there every day and we are there most every day, ordering the same thing everyday...you get the picture!

This morning Chef Thomas is cooking again...Spanish Omelets this time. We really enjoy this Holland American program and Thomas is a hoot! The omelet is an open face one. He gives lots of pointers on what to use as fillings and how to serve it for breakfast, lunch or dinner or as an appetizer if any is left over.

Dick goes to the lecture in the afternoon and to the marionette talk by Phillip Huber. Carolyn has a club sandwich from room service then goes to the flower arranging talk and watches the ship’s florist arrange some vases for areas in the ship. She is using tropical greenery and flowers she cut yesterday at a local farm as the ship didn’t get their supply of flowers as planned in Tahiti. It was amazing to watch her work with all the parts of the plants coming up with two beautiful arrangements!

Carolyn ordered a cheese plate for four for our little get together in the room. It came a little late and was only a serving for one...room service, except for the breakfast card routine, has been less than wonderful...they have rarely brought all that was ordered and have had to go back for things.
We have a good visit with the Rodriguez’s. They have been having problems with a diesel smell in their room along with so others, but so far we haven’t had that problem....

We go to dinner together and have a pleasant evening. Tonight we loose another hour. Think there is only one more to get to San Diego time.

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