Thursday, October 7, 2010


DAY 14 Today is a sea day so we have nothing in particular planned. After running ourselves into the ground yesterday, we both slept long and well. After our usual breakfast in "The King’s Room," we occupy the day by attending a guest lecturer’s talk on Polynesia, an Indonesian lunch for suite level guests and an afternoon cooking demonstration on crab cakes. In between these stirring events, we work on this blog and the book we will produce to record the trip.

It is another formal night, the third one. There are far fewer people in the dinning room tonight than the last two formal nights. At breakfast in the King’s Room, most of the couples were planning to skip the dinning room tonight and we see many room service carts. Dinner is nice and is served very fast as there is almost no one there. Carolyn has the lobster thermidor which is usually good. We adjourn to the Explorers Lounge to listen to the String Quartet. Then Carolyn goes to watch "The Young Victoria" and Dick goes to bed about 10:00PM.

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