Thursday, October 7, 2010


DAY 17 As we are eating breakfast, we begin to see Christmas Island out our table-side window. Kirimati or Christmas Island is the largest coral atoll in the world with more than 100 lakes or ponds dotting the interior and supporting a huge number of birds. A large bay on the east coast is known as the Bay of Wrecks because so many ships have foundered there. Extensive coconut plantations support a copra industry and fish farms have been established in some of the lakes. Captain James Cook discovered and named it on December 24, 1777. We sail by a small village that seems to be port, but other than that we see little signs of habitation.

We leave the island in time to make Carolyn’s cooking class and Dick’ lecture. Chef Thomas is fixing Pawn Bruchetta which is very tasty. The lecture is on the HMAV Bounty. Today we try the Lido for lunch, but are not impressed...we just don’t like to have to stand in line when there is another option. The afternoon is filled another lecture and Triva for Dick and a cooking class on making smoothies and reading for Carolyn.
It is another formal night tonight, but we pass. It is just too soon after the last formal night two nights ago. We order off the dinning room menu for room service and get a movie for the room "Inglorious Bastards".

The Crows Nest

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