Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Packing Begins

Carolyn, the ever efficient planner and preparer of our trips, bought two new, hard side suitcases for this trip and our circumnavigation of South America beginning in January.  She has prepared packing lists and is beginning to place things in the suitcases.  Since we are taking our SCUBA gear, that needs to go in a hard side suitcase for protection.  We suffered malicious damage to dive gear on a trip to the Virgin Islands back in the 1980s and have no wish for that to happen again.  Also, we are taking medical supplies and used eye glasses to Fanning Island and that needs to be protected.  We are considering shipping that stuff to our hotel in San Diego and just carrying a box to the ship but we have not decided on that just yet.

We lost our International Inoculation Record Cards so we have to get those records updated.  Fortunately, since we have been to countries where Yellow Fever is endemic, our Yellow Fever shots were given to us here in our home town and it was no problem to get that record placed on new CDC record cards.  That should make us set for the South Pacific but we will need to take the cards to the Travel Medicine Clinic in Houston when we get back and have our other shot records from 2004 onward recorded on the new cards.  It should not be a problem, just a pain to get done.