Saturday, October 16, 2010


DAY 20
The day is a bit grey today. The seas are calmer but still rolling. We have our usual breakfast. Carolyn spends some time on the blog in the lounge while Dick listens to one of his books on his iPod. Today is the third Mariner Lunch and it is our turn for an invitation. There are about a thousand Mariners on this cruise so they have done the luncheon three times. We will say Holland America has next to the poorest return cruiser program. The only one I know of that is worse is Carnival!

After lunch, where we sat with some new friends, Dick goes to another lecture and Carolyn works on the blog and the pictures.

Tonight at 6 we go to the Sommelier Dinner in the Pinnacle Grill. This is a wonderful six course, 3 ½ hour meal! We have courses of lobster salad, garlic soup, halibut, veal medallions, steak and giant prawns and dark and white chocolate mouse for desert. Each course is pair with very nice wines. By the time the evening is over everyone is chatting with their neighbors and the Pinnacle Grill is filled with happy content couples. We have eaten and drank way too much to go straight to bed so we go to the show "Dinner Bells" with the female singers and dancers plus Benny. All and All a very nice evening!

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