Thursday, October 7, 2010


 DAY 9 Today is Officers Day on the Rotterdam. The officers are out and about the ship in large numbers. After another great breakfast in the King’s Room, Dick heads to Trivia and Carolyn goes to the cooking demonstration. Executive Chef Thomas is cooking up a Black Forrest cake. Chef Thomas is from Germany. He has brought a cherry liquor from Germany to use in the cake we sample. Carolyn has never really liked Black Forrest cake, but this one is very good. The chef has us sample the German liquor and compare with some from the US...there is no comparison... the German brand is so much better. That explains why the cake is so good.
After a light lunch in the dinning room we go the Cellar Masters Premium Wine Tasting in the Pinnacle Grill. It is part of the wine package we bought. The package had two wine tasting, but we missed the first one as it conflicted with something else we wanted to do. We had decided the package wasn’t a good deal because the wines offered were not as good as some others on the ship’s list that we like better for the same price. Plus we had thought that two nights in the Pinnacle were part of the package and we only received one. The wine tasting is fun and Carolyn enjoys all the wines. Dick not so much, but he still enjoys the event. We also find out that the online package is indeed different than the one offered on the ship so we will get a second night at the Pinnacle. Also we make arrangements for credit for the missed tasting to be applied to the special wine tasting dinner later in the cruise. Now we feel better about the wine package. Cost wise it is a good deal if you know you like the wines on the package list and want to do the wine tasting too. Other wise it is a miss.

Tonight is another formal night...The Officers Black and White Ball. We dress for dinner and go to the Ocean Lounge to listen to some music before dinner. I will say that the Rotterdam dinning room really looks nice on formal nights. Tonight there are officers hosting several of the larger tables and there are more people in the dinning room. Though the dress is still very casually formal for most people..sports jacket or suit for the men and a few of what I would call cocktail dresses for the women, but not truly formal. Carolyn has surf and turf and Dick has lamb. We go to the Show lounge tonight to see what the Black and White Ball is all about. The officer staff is introduced and the first dance is lead by the Captain and his wife. The guest are encouraged to come up and dance with the other officers, but many officers are still standing waiting and looking terribly uncomfortable at the end of the dance. This was sort of lame in my oppinion! After that everyone is encouraged to dance, but the dance floor space is very limited and the room is crowded so we head back to the room and to bed.

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