Tuesday, October 19, 2010


DAY 28 All the sun and fun of the last five ports has caught up with us. We sleep in and drag ourselves to breakfast in the Kings Room. It is nice not to have to eat in the room and then rush off the ship to do something. Once again we remind ourselves that we really like a day or two between ports. There is not much on the schedule except the lecture at 2:00PM. We go to the Coffee Chat with our "favorite Cruise Director," Elizabeth, to hear what a staff member has to say about living and working on the ship then retire to the veranda to work on the blog and the pictures for the rest of the morning. Carolyn gets the report from yesterday written and postsl it on Cruise Critic. The reviews we read were all good for yesterday’s tour guide, but his service was bad yesterday so she wanted to let others know.

We are both stuffed after our very good but heavy meal last night. Carolyn makes lunch from the light buffet in the Neptune Lounge and a ice cream cone later. It is very pleasant out on the veranda and a nice nap takes up most of the afternoon for Carolyn. Dick gets the blog reports up to date. Carolyn picks the pictures for the blog and Dick smalls them. We are way behind so we hope to get things close to current today.
Dinner is the Master Chef’s Menu and there are only two seating...no anything dinning tonight. Most of our neighbors dine in the room from the sounds of the carts going down the hall. The meal is good and the staff entertains with dancing and singing, but it slows the service down. This is something we could do with out and is very similar to what was done on Carnival this summer.

Back in the room we fill out our last room service breakfast card since we will meet the CC group for another organized tour. We certainly hope this one goes better than the last one. Carolyn goes to the computer lounge to try to up load reports and pictures to the blog. After getting to The Raiatea post the connection slows down so she calls it a night!

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