Thursday, October 7, 2010


DAY 15
OK, we know we skipped from Friday to Sunday but we also crossed the International Date Line last night and when we did our clocks were advanced 24 hours. We essentially skipped October 2nd.

Again, this is a sea day and we use the time to bring this blog up to date as to its writing. Our shipboard speaker and his wife give two talks on the Anthropology of the South Pacific. They are better presenters than our previous speaker. We attend a lunch at 11:45 with the Cruise Critic group in the main dinning room and wile away the afternoon. There are showers around and we move through one or two as the day wears on. Carolyn sits on the veranda most of the afternoon reading and napping. We go for a swim about 6 then debate over trying the Lido or ordering room service. We go to the Lido, stand in line for a main dish, then for a salad and hunt for a table...all the things we hate to do and will not do again! It is a failed experiment! The Lido menu is the same as the main dinning room on this ship and with room service we can order off the dinning room menu or from the room service menu which is also very nice.

Our ship’s host on the VIP tour was Benny Costa, one of the entertainers. He is really fun to be with and talked about the tonight’s show, he has a part, so we go to our first evening’s entertainment; "It Takes two", a musical. Not bad and the lead singer’s gowns are very nice.
Ocean Lounge

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