Saturday, October 16, 2010


DAY 18 Another day at sea. It is windy, 30MPH, with white caps and strong swells. The ship is moving quite a bit but we find it rather pleasant and it made for good sleeping last night.

Carolyn goes to the Things to See and Do: Rarotonga, Raiatea & Rabgiroa talk and gets a few pointers for our visit. After lunch we go to the King Neptune ceremony to watch the Rotterdam crew members who are crossing the equator for the first time go from Pollywags to Shellbacks, an old seafarers tradition.
We find we are using the Neptune Lounge a lot. The wifi connection is better there than in the room. The Lounge is really a nice concept and is well used by the suite passengers both for light meals at breakfast and lunch, computer time and to just sit and visit with each other. Most people are well traveled and interesting, fun to talk with. Carolyn works on the photos and reads. It is really sultry outside this afternoon. Sometime today we cross the International Dateline, so tonight our clocks will be set back 24 hours and we will be back on the same day as home.

We go to the main dining room for dinner and agree with the couple at the next table to share a table tomorrow night and get to know each other. They are named and are from Miami, FL.

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