Tuesday, January 4, 2011


DAY 35
Another nice day and a good breakfast. .It is our last full day on the ship. We will miss the breakfast service! We spend the morning packing and weighing and rearranging the suitcases to get only one that is over weight...we hope!We are using luggage direct service for the first time.

Dick tries for the disembarkation talk, but it is packed so we watch it later in the room.
We have the TV on while we are packing and a 14 day Alaska trip is shown...it sounds interesting with stop in Anchorage, Kodiak, Sika and Victoria...either new ports or ports we haven’t been to since our first Alaska cruise 20 years ago. Carolyn goes down and books a suite for the last cruise next September. We may/probably will move it to 2012. But it gets us the $200 OBC and the $200 deposit.

Dick watches TV movies and Carolyn finishes packing and sits on the veranda for a while. We go to dinner in the dinning room and enjoy one last dinner with our friends. Back in the room we put the luggage out. We are using luggage direct so we won’t see the bags until we get to Houston.

Our travel companion is going to miss all the attention and nightly chocolates.

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