Tuesday, January 4, 2011


DAY 32
We sleep late and barely make breakfast at 9:25. We aren’t the only sleepy heads...the King’s Room is full! We actually spend a long time talking with a couple we often sit with. The A/C went out over night on our deck...everyone is hoping it is fixed soon...they had the ceiling in the hall on the floor working on it as we came down.

Chef Thomas does his last cooking session Mexican Chocolate Crepes this morning so we are both there. The crepes are really good. He recommends the same crepe maker Carolyn has used for years to make omelets.

Dick watches some of his DVD’s on his computer and goes to his lecture this afternoon. Carolyn sits on the veranda..it is stormy, but with the deep overhang our veranda stays dry so it is pleasant. She works on the blog and reads. Chef Thomas is doing crepes on the Lido so she goes up for a Banana’s Forster and a Chocolate with Kuluha after a snack in the Neptune. After lunch she post all the trip reports for the islands to the blog and works on the memory book. The A/C is fixed so the room is comfortable
We order angle hair pasta with meat sauce last for our dinner tonight. Holland American’s food is just as uninspired as it was eight years ago...lots of steak, potatoes, and the same steamed plain vegies...no Italian which we love and are really missing. As it turns out, tonight is also Asian Night in the dinning room so we have several plates of our favorites to go with the angle hair!

Our stewards strik again playing with our traveling companion...we have really enjoyed their service.

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