Tuesday, January 4, 2011


DAY 34
Today is a little grey, but looks like the clouds will lift. It is much cooler now. We head to the King’s Room for our usua morning fixl. Then have every intention on doing the kitchen tour at 10:30, but get busy talking in the Lounge and forget about the time.

We do make the last cooking demonstration with Chef Kartik. He is the Indian Head Chef in the Pinnacle.
He is doing Pawn Coconut Curry. We aren’t real fans of curry, but we will give it one more try since he is cooking a dish he loves from "home" We are blown away with the chile and chile peppers he adds! It is a wonder the show and the kitchen didn’t go up in smoke! The sample is not near as loaded with chile pepper and not hot, but we just don’t like the spice combo that makes a curry.

We spend the rest of the day reading and napping on the veranda. The sun does come out, but it is cool. We are eating in the Pinnacle again tonight and it is another and last formal night. We go to the last of the shows in the showroom "Amore". It is nicely done with beautiful costumes! We also loose our last hour tonight and will be on San Diego time tomorrow.

The  moon rises off our balcony...what a perfect night.

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